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Chuck Johnson - P.E.

Charles Ferrell, president of C W Ferrell Construction welcomed Chuck Johnson P.E. as our in-house engineer in April 2012. Together we formed a division of the company to facilitate the company's ability to perform design-build contracts for the U.S. Navy and other federal agencies. Mr. Johnson is a registered professional engineer who has a total of 30 years' construction experience. He also has 18 years of experience as a project manager on Navy, NASA, and Air Force contracts ranging from $100,000 to $30,000,000.

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C.W. Ferrell Construction, Inc. was founded in 2004 as a small general contractor, building custom homes, and small commercial projects. In October 2008, C.W. Ferrell Construction, Inc. was accepted into the Federal 8-A Native American program. Since 2009, our company's major customers have been the U.S. Navy and Department of Labor.

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Chuck Ferrell - Owner

C.W. Ferrell Construction, Inc. utilizes cost and schedule controls, which ensure accuracy and timely reporting.

Mr. Chuck Ferrell and Mr. Tim Points have a combined 70 years of experience in management of contracts for the Navy, Air Force, NASA and Coast Guard.

Mr. Howald was hired in May 2012 and brings his Master Electrician license to C W Ferrell Construction as well as his 40 years of project management experience including 30 years of performing electrical contracts at NAS Jacksonville, Cecil Field, Mayport NS, and extensive work at Kings Bay Nuclear Submarine Base.

Mr. Points has 35 years as project director on contracts for the Navy, NASA, and Air Force. Mr. Points was hired in May 2012 and has extensive experience in construction of projects centered around airfields and nuclear submarines. After 9/11, Mr. Points was chosen by NAVFAC Southeast to design and build the physical security of all Navy assets in Northeast Florida. From 2004 to 2010, Mr. Points worked on projects for SWFLANT.

Tim Points - CFO

Our list of previous projects represents those of a developing certified 8-A Native American construction company. Our recent corporate reorganization and expansion show our long-term commitment to offer design-build construction services on a larger diverse scale. The resumes of our senior staff as well as our increase in bonding capacity indicates our capability and willingness to perform any contract activity that you choose to present

to us.

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