C W Ferrell Construction

Serving Florida and Georgia


Combined 100 Years of Experience

You can expect C.W. Ferrell Construction, Inc. to bring their combined 100 years of experience to work for you. Whether you're building a new school or shopping mall, or planning a marine project, we have experience and talent in all areas.

We have experience with state, local, and federal government construction projects. 


Handling Initial Planning to Completion

Rely on our project management skills to get your construction project completed on schedule and in a cost-effective way. We'll handle the planning of the construction project to the final construction.

C.W. Ferrell Construction, Inc. provides you cost-effective planning, scheduling controls, and timely reporting in each of our managed projects.


Project Management Details:

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You can rely on our expertise.

- Pre-planning

- Conceptual design

- Schematic design

- Construction drawings

- Contract documents

- Construction administration