C W Ferrell Construction

Serving Florida and Georgia


Strong, Qualified Workforce

We employ a strong, qualified workforce of full-time employees. We also have trustworthy subcontractors at our disposal to get your project done in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our North American Industry Classification System includes: 236210; 238110; 238120; 237110; 238140; 238190; 238390; 238910; 238130; 238350.

Our expertise is our strongest

asset. It can be yours too.


Thorough Management Contracting at your Disposal

Rely on C.W. Ferrell Construction, Inc. for thorough management contracting. The owner of C.W. Ferrell Construction, Inc. has 35 years of experience in commercial construction. The senior project manager has more than 20 years of experience, giving you peace of mind that your construction project is in reliable hands.

You will always receive quality sales and estimating, engineering, project management, and fabrication.

Our Registered Licenses Include:

C.W. Ferrell Construction, Inc.  utilizes cost and schedule controls which ensure accuracy and timely reporting.

-Certified General Contractor - State of Florida

- Certified International Contractor - International Conference of Builders

- Class A-1 General Contractors - State of Colorado

- Professional Engineer - State of Florida

- Master Electrician - State of Florida